How to Set Post Expiry Date in WordPress to Auto Expire Post

If you are running a event listing, limited time content like daily deals sites on wordpress. Then many times you want to add post expiration date in your wordpress post. Lets say you write a post featuring a special offer being run by one of your affiliate partners for some time. so you can set expiration date, so post will automatically expire at the expiration time.

At default WordPress doesn’t have a post/page expiration feature built in, So Here i will introduce you a good wordpress plugin called Post Expirator that gives you that option. The Post Expirator plugin allows the user to set expiration dates for both posts and pages. There is a configuration option page in the plugins area that will allow you to separately control whether or not posts/pages are either deleted or changed to draft status.

After installing the plugin you can give any blog post or page an expiration date, and when that date arrives the post or page is either automatically deleted outright or changed to “Draft” status (your choice).

How to Configure Post Expirator Plugin

#1. Go to wordpress dashboard. Now go to Plugin> Add new> search or upload post expirator plugin.

#2. Activate Post Expirator plugin.

#3. After plugin activation. go to Setting>> Post expirator.

set wordpress Post Expiry date


#4. If you want to show expiration date in bellow post then enable. and configure footer content of your choice.

#5. Now write new post. Here you see new widget post expirator. If you are not showing then open screen option (Menu in header). And tick on Post expirator.

#6. if you want to add expiration date then tick on enable post expirator.screenshot 1


#7. Add expiration date and time. also set how to expire option.

Another Bonus Plugin to set expiry date:

>>>Simple Post Expiration<<<

If you have any problem in setup expiry date in wordpress post, feel free ask through comments.

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  1. Is there a way to automatically generate an expiration date? People keep forgetting to set one, and I want to make a certain category (church service) expire


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