Top 10 FREE Educational Websites For Technical Students

Hii Guys, Today we come with interesting educational websites that help for students. You can view list of the best educational websites on the web which are very useful for students to learn anything free of cost.

1. W3Schools


W3schools is one of the best educational websites that offers free courses to internet users. This site offers various types of online web development courses with step by step tutorials, examples and “do it yourself editors” such as HTML, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, XML tutorials, PHP, SQL and many other useful courses.

One of the best free educational site where beginners can learn computer languages and other web development courses easily by using online tutorials, step by step guides, examples and do it yourself editors. W3schools was started in 1999 and now it comes in the top list of popular online web tutorials.

2. eHow


eHow is one of the most popular how-to guide websites on the web where users can find millions of useful articles and “how-to” tutorial videos. The site offers informative articles on almost all topics. Great websites to find useful information about any topic.

eHow articles and videos are created by skilled freelancers. eHow pays freelancers to write useful and informative articles and videos. Anyone can leave comments and responses on this site. eHow was founded in 1999 and it was acquired by Demand Media Inc. in 2006. Great educational site for internet users.

3. Tizag


Tizag is a very useful educational website that offers free online teaching content for internet internet users. Tizag is mainly known for offering free web tutorials that could be very useful for beginner web programmers to learn web development courses easily such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Website creation , XML, SEO and Database management tasks. Useful educational website that can be used as an alternative to W3schools.

4. Quackit


If you are a beginner and want to learn web development skills, this site could be very useful for you because it helps internet users to learn website creation techniques. You can learn here step by step HTML, CSS and other web development skills such as designing, web hosting , XML, Scripting etc. Very useful website to learn professional website making process.

5. Mathway


If you are looking for free online Mathematics tutorial website , Mathway could be the perfect option. Mathway helps students solve mathematics problems such as basic maths, algebra , pre-algebra, trigonometry, calculus , statistics and other types of math problems. The site offers easy math problems solver tools which can solve any type of math problem with explanation. One of the best educational websites on the web for mathematics students.

6. Google Books


Google Books is not an educational website but could be very useful to read millions of books free of cost. Google Books can help you to see preview or read millions of books free of charge. Google Books searches books, magazines and novels from thousands of popular websites and convert them to texts for Google users. The useful service was started in 2004 by Google Inc.

7. HTMLgoodies


HTMLgoodies is a useful HTML teaching website that helps users to learn HTML, CSS, HTML5, Graphics, Javascript and other useful web development skills. Great site that helps you learn web development skills free of charge.

8. Math

Math+com is a popular math website that offers useful mathematics tools, guide articles, math practice, math games and other useful mathematics tools like calculators , problem solver etc. One of the best math websites for students.

9. Wikipedia


Wikipedia is the largest and most visited reference website that is used by millions of users everyday. Wikipedia is one of the best educational websites for students to find useful reference and information about people, companies, websites, places and products. The site was started in 2000 and now it comes in the list of top 10 most popular websites of the world.

10. Reference


Reference is a highly popular free reference website to find word reference, meaning of words in any language & quotes and translate sentences into many popular international languages. The site was started in 1997 and now this site is visited by millions of users everyday. Great educational website to find reference and information about any word.

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