Can you really get paid with Online Surveys? Check Some Pros & Cons

Can you really make money with online surveys?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, you can make money if you have done a thorough research about the company and willing to give some time daily for the job.

But most of the time you fail to make money with online surveys because of many reasons that we would be discussing in this article.

Whose is it For?

Before we talk about the pros and cons of online surveys you must know who all can do this job.

Suppose, if you are already making something like $100,000 a year then you can pass up online survey jobs. It is really not for you.

However if you are making less than an average income of $50,000 a year then you can give a shot.

What I am trying to say is online survey jobs are for supplementing your main source of income coming from the day job.

So do not think you can just leave your 9 to 5 job and start making huge money with online survey jobs.


Now let us find out what is good with online survey jobs.

No Educational Qualification, No Prior Experience Required

The first thing is anyone can join these online survey companies. You do not need any educational qualification or prior work experience for these kinds of jobs.

It also does not matter what part of the world you live in. You just have to finish your work online and submit it. You get paid via PayPal or Check depending upon the company you joined.

Housewives, moms, retirees, college students etc can join online surveys and make money.

However you do have to familiar with browsing internet and basics of computers.

Online Survey Jobs Could be a Risk-Free Job to Start With

Although most of the survey jobs are scams but you still do not have anything to lose.

There are survey companies that do not charge you with registration fees when you join them. However, there are some that do charge an initial amount to join the survey.

Even if you are willing to pay say $20 or $30 for registration and the survey company turns out to be a fraud then you have not lost too much money.

If the survey site is absolutely free to join then it is even better.

So it is a risk-free job to start because you do not lose much capital.

A Way to Earn Small Passive Income Right from the Comfort of Your Home

You can’t expect much from survey jobs but you can make a small amount of money to pay at least your bills.

Or if you are in college then you can buy an iPhone if you work for 4 to 5 months part time.

Moreover, you can do it from the comfort of your home. You do not have to go outside and commute for the work. Furthermore, you are your own boss.

So small passive income right from the comfort of your home is not that bad.

And if you think these pros are enough to start with online surveys then refer this link on MoneyConnexion, read the tips, signup with different sites & get paid for completing surveys.


I’d rather be more honest than fair when it comes to online survey jobs.

To be honest online survey jobs have more cons than pros.

However the way they are promoted you will find survey jobs very easy. But in reality, they are not.

Here are things that you might hear wrongly about online survey jobs.

“You Can Find So Many Legitimate Online Survey Companies”

No you can’t find online survey companies very easily on the internet because most of them are just scam.

Even if you find one then they might disappear in few days.

Most of the people fell in trap and end up losing money with online survey jobs.

So it is very difficult to come by a legit company that pays you on time months after months.

“The Online Survey Jobs are Very Easy; You Can Finish it in Just 5 – 10 Minutes”

You listen all the time that you just have to work for 5 minutes a day.

Well, this is not true. A survey job where you have to fill forms or browse the internet can take up to 4 – 5 hours any given day.

In fact, it is very time-consuming.

“You can Easily Make $500 to $1000 Monthly”

This is a total trap because you do not make $500 or $1000 with any survey job online.

You hear all the time make $1000 a month working just 5 minutes daily.

To speak bluntly you do not make more than $.30 per hour. Yes, just 30 cents an hour.

If you work hard then you end up making $100 a month. So there is not much to make with online survey jobs.

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