7 Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Providers to Speed Up Your Site

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that you use to speed up your site and decrease its load time by a significant amount. Its always good to have your site powered by a Content Delivery Network. Not only does a CDN save bandwidth costs from your hosting provider, but your site becomes insanely fast and tends to rank higher in the search engines.

Here i’m going to share some top Content Delivery Network Providers that will help you to make your site blazing fast…

Why You Use CDN

  1. By using CDN service your site will load faster. A faster site always better than a slower one and one factor Google rank sites depend on site Speed.
  2. A site that loads quickly improves the user’s experience, which is crucial for optimizing conversion rates.
  3. When you use a CDN Service, your files aren’t served from your hosing server, but from a worldwide distributed network depending on the CDN provider you choose. This saves a lot of bandwidth on your actual hosting provider.

Top CDN Providers

#1. MaxCDN

MaxCDN is the best WordPress CDN Solution. Its very easy to setup and the prices are affordable. MaxCDN is trusted by leading companies like The Next Web, StumbleUpon and Washington Post and managed WordPress hosting providers like WPEngine.

>>>Visit MaxCDN

#2. Amazon CloudFront

This is the proper CDN service from Amazon. CloudFront is one of the most popular WordPress CDN with a vast network of delivery nodes. The pricing strategy of CloudFront is based on location and traffic demand. Bandwidth is usually cheaper when the data transfer is within the continent. Theres no minimum fee. you could try out their Monthly Bandwidth Calculator. Whats awesome is you can try out the full CDN experience for free. However, you’ll need a Credit Card before you can deploy your CDN. You wont be charged if you remain within the free bandwidth tier.

>>>Visit Amazon CloudFront

#3. CloudFlare

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while now, Im fairly certain that youve heard of CloudFlare. Operating for over 17 years, CloudFlare has emerged as the go-to website for free CDN and inbound traffic filtering service for enhanced security. Strangely though, CloudFlare does not have a bandwidth based pricing policy, but a flat-rate plan starting at $20/month, per domain. CloudFlare also provides real-time protection against DDoS attacks, custom site analytics and integration with an increasing number of web applications. It also have CloudFlare WordPress-Plugin.

>>>Visit CloudFlare

#4. Photon in Jetpack

Jetpack is one of must have wordpress plugin for every wordpress based sites. you can check must have plugins collection list here. It has tons of useful modules the most interesting one being Photon. Once activated, all your sites images are uploaded to WordPress.com servers (which runs on the EdgeCast network). When someone visits your site, the images are served from WordPress.com servers thereby proving you with an absolutely Free CDN for WordPress.

>>>Download Jetpack Plugin

#5. CoralCDN

CoralCDN is another peer-to-peer based CDN which was developed at MIT. Its absolutely free of cost, and requires almost zero configuration. All you have to do is append. to the files URL you re trying to download and voila you’ll get your data! I haven’t been able to figure out how this works even today. So if you’re reading this and happened to be a P2P expert, please shed some light on this topic!

>>>Visit CoralCDN For More Info

#6. Cloudinary

Cloudinary streamlines your entire image management pipeline – upload, storage, administration, manipulation and delivery. Cloudinary provide WordPress CDN Plugin. After installing cloudinary plugin you can manage image easily. Cloudinary offer 2GB free storage. see pricing table

>>>Visit Cloudinary

#7. jsDelivr

jsDeliver is a Best Free CDN which hosts popular JavaScript files. JS files are used in numerous WordPress themes, if you’ve purchased a fancy theme from ThemeForest, a lot of extra JS files are used. With the help of their WordPress plugin, you can make the JavaScript files to be served from the free CDN network,

>>>Visit jsDeliver

Here we covered top best 7 best free and premium Content Distribution Networks. We hope these providers help you to decrease your site page load times and increase conversion. 

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