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We review products and services related to Blogging tools, WordPress Themes & plugins, Softwares, PHP Scripts, SEO Tools etc. We accept product and services review related to our blog niche. Additionally the review link will be posted to our Facebook fan page as well as in our twitter account.

Sponsored Posts @ $59

We daily receive many emails by developers who want to announce the launch of their new plugin, theme or WordPress service. It is impossible for us to review them all, so we are offering sponsored posts for those of you who already have an article ready and want to reach thousands of targeted WordPress users through our blog. All we require is that you prepare an original unique article yourself and also submit any relevant images. Of course, we always need to go through the article and approve it, the post must ultimately be of benefit to our readers and so we make sure that your product or service is of excellent quality. Click Here to Contact Us For Sponsored Post.

Paid Reviews @ $129

Have you developed a new theme or plugin and want the WordPress world to know about it? Maybe your skills lie in design or coding and not in copywriting? Or maybe you just want a third-party to write an honest review of your work. That’s where paid reviews come in. For only $129 we will review your product and write a non-biased article about it. This means that we will try out your product as a user would and write what we really think about it in an impartial way. If your product is really great, we will definitely say so and encourage readers to buy it. If not, we will explain why we don’t like certain features and possibly suggest ways of improving it. So a review usually consists of all the pros and cons of your product. Click Here to Contact Us For Paid Reviews.

Note: For us to conduct a review of your theme or plugin you naturally need to supply a copy for us to test.

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