How to Make Money From Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many dollars and cents is it worth? It all depends on how you market it, what the picture contains and what you do with it. People will pay for photos, both digital and printed. They will also pay for products that feature photos. And advertisers will pay to advertise on a website that contains pictures people want to view. With a little planning, you can make some good money from your photos.make-money

Instructions To Make money from photos

  • Sell your photos on stock photography websites. Register with websites that sell royalty-free stock photos to businesses that need photos for publications and websites. Upload your photos and they’ll sell over time, providing you with income each month. Websites that do this include PhotoStockPlus, iStockPhoto, Getty Images and Shutterstock.
  • Create and sell gifts that feature your photos. Put your pictures on tote bags, calendars, mugs, buttons and t-shirts. There are websites that will actually make the items and sell them on demand as people order them, giving you a portion of the revenue. Examples of such websites are Zazzle and Cafe Press.
  • Build a website. There are many ways to make money with a photography website. You can sell your photos, either as prints or as digital images. You can make people aware of your photography services, so they’ll hire you to take pictures for them. You can put up a photo gallery, and earn money on the ads that are placed on the website.
  • Sell cards with your photos on them. You can do this online or offline. Or you can create electronic greeting cards that people can send. Companies like Zazzle and Cafe Press will print cards on demand, or you can have quantities printed up at websites such as 123Print or PSPrint, and sell them a craft fairs, gift shops or online at Etsy or eBay.
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