How to access any Deleted and Unavailable photo on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network with more than 800 millions users. Users always want to see the pics of other persons and search for the scripts which could allow them to see the unavailable pic of other users. Sometimes we miss some pics which are now deleted by the users. But Facebook Photos can be seen even after the deletion. And you can see the private pics of other users.

How to see deleted pics on Facebook
Like other big websites, Facebook also uses CDN service to distribute static content on various servers. This makes website fast. This CDN is the way by which we can access those pics on facebook which were deleted by the users month ago. If you want to know how to hack facebook account read my older post on Hacking Tricks N Tips.

Follow these steps:
First of all select a photo to start your experiment.
Now right click on the photo and click on “copy image URL”. Paste this address on notepad and save.
Now delete the photo. After the deletion, try to access the photo. You will see something link this.


Now copy the link address from the notepad which we have saved and then open the link in browser. You will see the photo which you have deleted few moments back and was unavalable to see.

How it works?? This is possible because facebook use CDN. When we delete a photo from the facebook, it is deleted by the facebook database and server. But various copies of the photo are distributed on the CDN servers which are still there. As facebook uses a long tome caching so these photos are available on those servers for months.

How to see unauthorized pic: One day one of my friend paste a link of a photo which was available to him but not to me. I want to see that photo but has no way. Here was my solution to see the that photo. I asked him to “copy image URL” and paste on the chat. By this URL i was able to see the photo on my browser while i was not authorize to see the photo.

How it works?? When we open a photo on facebook, its URL looks like this: &type=1&ref=nf

Here facebook restricts us by the the fbid. Facebook checks whether we are authorize to see the photo or not. When we see the photo by image URL, it looks something like this.
With this link, we see the photo direct from the server with its original location. So there is no restriction on the photo now.

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