How do I transfer my domain to a new registrar?

A domain transfer is, in effect, to transfer domain name from the management under one registrar to another registrar. As a registrar is only responsible for the management of your domain records, this transfer should in no way affect your website, relevant email or domain name server.

In order to process the transfer of domain, individuals need to have domain already under their ownership and a registrar that they want to transfer. While the process of domain transfer is fairly a simple procedure, it is important to understand the workings of the entire process so that easy and cheap domain name transfer can be executed. If one has a couple of domain names, it is better to keep all of them with a single registrar. Steps for the transfer of domain name are common and can be applied to all the top domain registrars.

Normally, if a domain transfer is purchased, the new registrar will help individual retain all the time remaining in his existing registration and provide a one-year free extension as well. After the purchase of process, the domain at the new registrar will require an authorisation code. The new registrar will notify the buyer by sending an email which contains the transaction ID and the security code. The authorisation code needs to be acquired by logging in with the new registrar. The domain protection should be turned off or unlocked before sending in such a request from the current registrar in order to go through the transition. Following, an email from current registrar with the authorisation code will be received. After acquiring the authorisation code, the domain transfer can now take place from the current registrar to the new registrar. One must log in to their new registrar and begin the transfer process. The new registrar will display the status as ‘authorisation required’. ‘Begin Transfer Authorisation’ is the recommended option that is to be chosen. The authorisation code is then to be entered, which was received from the current registrar through mail, which will complete the process.

After completing this step, the status will be displayed as ‘pending current registrar approval’. ‘Accept transfer at current registrar’ is to be chosen after which an email from the current registrar confirming the transfer request is received. No action is to be taken if the transfer is to be accepted. If one wishes to cancel the transfer, the link provided in the email can be followed. A confirmation mail from the new registrar will be received in approximately four days after initiating the transfer at the current registrar. One should remember that the current registrar has up to 5 days to release the transfer of domain. These are the basic steps to transfer domains from one registrar to another.

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