GiveAway.Ly: Earn Money by Organizing a Giveaway on your blog

If you are a blogger, you must be knowing about the Giveaways. Now a days, it is quite common among bloggers because it is considered as a good source of bringing traffic to your blog. Giveaway helps bloggers, readers and also the advertisers. Through the help of Giveaways, bloggers get free traffic whereas advertisers get free marketing of their product. In this blog, i haven’t organized so many Giveaways. I was looking for best offers to organize a new giveaway and certainly reached to an interesting site which was earlier known as Sponsored Giveaways. Now, it is known as GiveAway.Ly. It allows you to conduct a Giveaway on your blog. In return, they also allow you to earn money as well which means you can earn Money by organizing a Giveaway on your blog.

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What is GiveAway.Ly?


As i mentioned earlier, It is one of the best Place for bloggers to organize a Giveaway on their blog and allows them to earn money for organizing a Giveaway . It connects advertisers and Blogger together. It asks the bloggers to register and add their Website. Once done, Advertisers find the best blog, where they can advertise their product with the help of a Giveaway. In return, they pay decent amount to bloggers.

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How Does GiveAway.Ly Works?

Advertisers create an Advertiser account whereas bloggers create Blogger account at Advertisers tries to find best potential blog where, they can host their giveaways. As a blogger, you need to submit your blog. Depending upon various criteria, the team will accept/reject your blog. Once accepted, you would be able to accept best offers and earn money. The below given figure shows the whole working procedure of GiveAway.Ly.


 How to start Making Money Online With GiveAway.Ly?

  • First of all, Visit the official website i.e GiveAway.Ly .
  • Blogger click on “Sign Up” under blogger column. If you are an Advertiser, click on “Improve my Brand” link under “Advertiser” column.
  • You will see the below given form. Just Select “Blogger”  in the filed which shows “I am”. Fill the other details accordingly. and click on signup button.giveawayly2
  • You will receive an E-Mail with verification link. Simply click on the Verification link.
  • After clicking on the Activation link, your account will be activated. Just sign into your Giveaway.Ly accout using your username and password.
  • In your Account’s Dashboard, click on “Add Blog” button.
  • After clicking on “Add Blog” button, you will see a form. Simply fill the details about your blog along with Keywords and Description.adblog
  • After Filling all the details. Click on next button. It will redirect you to another form, where you will have to provide the Twitter, Facebook and Feed burner url of your blog. All these fields are optional. Once done, click on “Submit and Verify” button.
  • After this, it will ask you to verify your account with Google Analytics . If you haven’t used Google Analytics yet, set up now. This step is not mandatory so you can skip it as well. However, it really helps the advertisers to find the best blog so i will advise you to setup immediately.


  • In final step, if you have clicked the “Verify Analytics” button in the previous step as shown in figure, will automatically collect all details about your blog and will suggest you suitable price as well. However, it allows you to set your own price as well. If you are a new blogger then i will suggest you to set the minimum possible price so that advertisers can show interest in your offer. You can edit the price later on as well so don’t worry about it.giveawayly4
  • If You would allow giveaway for free in exchange for a product copy. Then tick the checkbox. and Click on submit Button.
  • Now you are done.

The GiveAway.Ly Team will check your application manually and will accept or reject your blog on the basis of different parameters. Once accepted, you will start receiving request many attractive proposal.

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At present, GiveAway.Ly only pays through Paypal and its Payment Threshold is $20. It means, without earning $20, you won’t be able to withdraw your earned money.

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