Adsense Check Arrival Time: My Personal Experience

After a long time, Yesterday we received my first adsense check.  So here i’m going to share my experience about arrival time of adsense check in India.

If you are reading this post, I think you cross the $100. By the way Congratulations for crossing $100 in AdSense. When AdSense earnings reach the minimum $ 100. Google Adsense automatically deliver the Cheque. Ie If your AdSense earnings reach $ 100 in October this year, Google will send you a check on November 25, which is about a month ago required process the check.Untitled

Now, when will it reach you? For that, you have to know whether you are under Bluedart coverage area or not. Enter your PIN code here and find out right now. Delivery time depends on it. For those who are not aware, Bluedart is a renowned courier service in India. Now, tell me on which group you are belonging to?

1. Yes, Bluedart Service is Available in My Area

That’s great! You are one of that lucky people. You will receive the check within 15 days of issuing. It means, if your check was sent on October 23rd, You can expect it before 7th of November.

2. No, Bluedart Service is NOT Available in My Area

In this case too, once the check reached at Google’s Hyderabad office, they will give it to Bluedart. Since Bluedart is not available for you, Bluedart team will send it to your address through Speed Post service. And it will take additional 15 days to reach your home. Means, if your check was issued by Google on October 23rd, you can receive it only after 25th of November. It may also be upto December 1st week sometimes.

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My personal Experience:

In my area bluedart service not available. We receive my adsense check via EMS Speed post.  In June 2013, I get my adsense approval and reach minimum payout in august. Then Adsense team issued my check in 25th September. After that Yesterday 31 October received my first adsense check.

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How to track your check

If  bluedart service is available in your area then you can track your check. You can track it on Bluedart’s website itself. But you can do it only after Bluedart got the check from Google. After issuing a check, it will first reach Google’s Hyderabad office. Then they will give it to Bluedart and only then you can track it on their website. To track, visit this page, select ‘Ref No’ option and enter your payment number without the first zero as shown in the image below. For example, if your payment number is 071509327, enter only 71509327 and hit ‘Go’.

Every payment number starts with zero. If Bluedart has got the check, you can see its status otherwise it will say ‘number not found’. Usually it will take nearly 10 days to reach it at Bluedart.

Abhay Pratap Singh
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  1. Actually, now almost 100% of bloggers are getting money direct into their bank accounts.( between 21 to 23 every month). I just read how the google adsense send checks to the payee’s. Well explained thanks for sharing.


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